The pandemic has been a difficult phase for many mainly due to stay-at-home mandates. While this stay has helped many discover and recollect their hidden talents, it is also causing many artists to be confined to their homes, distant from their beloved art. While isolation may allow creativity to bloom, artists do need applause and appreciation in order to achieve a sense of achievement. Keeping this in mind, Invertis University, Bareilly took a great initiative to keep the morale of artists high. It came up with an innovative platform-  Rangmanch 2020, an E-Platform to showcase the talent.

The event attracted not only students from India but from people of all ages around the world. More than 7000 people participated from around 15 Countries. Not only some well-known schools in India participated, including Madhao Ram Scindia, Bareilly, SPG Intercollege, Ranikhet, Don & Donna Convent, Shahjahapur, Takshashila Public school, Shahjahanpur, Seth. Jaipuria public school, Lucknow, Royal Public School, Agra, St. Mary convent, Nainital, and many more, but major colleges like Allahabad University, IIT Roorkee, MNNIT Allahabad, NIT Hamirpur also participated. Some of the International Universities that took part include Humber College, Ontario, Canada, Adams College, Durban, South Africa, Federal polytechnic Nekede, Nigeria, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland, Ateneo de Naga University, Philippines, and Aleksic Faculty of technology, Serbia.

It was jointly organized by The Department of Mechanical Engineering and Abhiruchi – The Cultural Club of Invertis University, Bareilly from the 27th of May to the 05th of June. It was conducted on Facebook where the different cultural competitions were organized. All the activities were done on the Facebook page of The Department of Mechanical Engineering, Invertis University, Bareilly. The event consisted of a total of Eight events, Namely:-




  1. Conquer the Mic – Online Singing Competition
  2. Dance Beats – Online Dace Competition
  3. JollyWood – Acting Competition
  4. Ink with Soul – Online Poetry Competition
  5. Magical lenses – Online Photography Competition
  6. ArtsyMe – Online Craft, Sketch and Painting Competition
  7. Online Quiz Competiton
  8. Online Gaming – PUBG Battleground

All the participants were requested to send their work in the form of videos and photographs followed by the screening process. All the shortlisted videos and photos were uploaded on the Facebook page of the Mechanical department. The entries garnered great attention from people who were keenly observing the event progress.

The contest was divided into two phases –

Phase 1- The first phase was popularity, where the Top 10  from all the categories were selected based on the likes and reactions.

Phase 2- In this phase, a panel of judges continuously monitored the content and chose the top 3 winners from different categories. The evaluation process was done on the basis of their Potential, Content, Performance, and Talent.

The Judges Choice award was introduced for some of the deserving contestants who were not able to make it to the top 10. The judge squad was a unique mix too, each a rare talent in their field. The Judges for different catagories included-

  1. Mrs. Nishtha Verma – Conquer the Mic (Singing)
  2. Mrs. Shilpi Dixit – Musical Beats (Dance)
  3. Ms. Lipi Nogai – JollyWood (Acting)
  4. Ms. Lovi Singh – Ink with Soul (Poetry)
  5. Mr. Utkarsh Misra – Magical Lenses (Photography)
  6. Mrs. Sarandha Sharma – ArtsyMe (Craft)
  7. Ms. Upasana Pandey – ArtsyMe (Sketching and Painting)


So while it is important to adapt to the challenging times, it’s equally important to not let the creativity in artists suffer. Rangmanch not only encouraged vast participation but also helped people trapped in their homes due to the lockdown and other associated restrictions embrace and explore their talents. Apart from greatly engaging the talent, the competition also acted as a major boost to the social media presence of the institute. The page likes have increased from 1726 to 5999 along with the engagement per post. When everything being fed is negative, this event provided a much-needed break. The credit of this success also goes to incredible volunteers, including Mohd. Asif, Manzar Abbas Zafri, Prakhar Kumar, Jitendra, Akshay Kumar Yadav, Dheeresh Maurya, and Co-Convener, Mr. Nikhil Srivastava. They were incredibly valuable and helped create an energetic environment for the event.