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Rather than removing a whole chapter from the syllabus the CBSE board has asked NCERT to recommend some topics and themes which are either repeated or overlapped or learning outcomes related to it are being covered under other chapters.

The Central Board of secondary education (CBSE) is planning to reduce the syllabus by one third for the board exams of the 10th and 12th standards for next year’s examination. The board announces this syllabus cut very soon. The decision has been taken by the CBSE of the COVID enforcement shutdown. in history, maths, science chapters such as the age of industrialization, area of a triangle, and frustum of a cone may not be in the syllabus of the upcoming year board examination respectively. In science, the functioning of the human eye has been decided to cut along with the section on the basic concepts of evolution. Various of practical experiments which are not possible to conduct now as the student will not be able to spend the maximum time required in the laboratory, so the CBSE has decided to remove it including the test on acetic acid, mounting a leaf peel, and studying the comparative cleaning capacity soap in hard and soft water.

For the students below standard 8 CBSE, affiliated schools will be getting the freedom to adjust the syllabus according to their convenience.

Last week The Council for Indian school certificate examination became the first school board to announce the syllabus cut in ICSE and ISC examination next year. All the syllabus of ICSE and ISC board have been reduced up to 25%. Also, the board may increase the proportion of the syllabus in the lockdown does not end in August. Syllabus cut decision has been taken by keeping several factors in the mind the linear progression across class while making sure that the main concepts related to the subjects are retained according to the human resource development minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank. 

In the academic year, 2020-21 political science students of class 11th will not study about the federalism in the constitution. The theory section of politics in the citizenship secularism and nationalism has been removed according to the website of CBSE.

For class 12th student’s topic, India’s relations with its neighbor has been decided to cut from the syllabus along with the sections on social movements regional aspirations the changing nature of India’s economic development and the planning commission. For the commerce students, the concept of demonetization, good, and services, etc. will not be the part of business studies syllabus. In history, students will not have to study the understanding of partition or pigeons, zamindars, and the state chapter.

Almost around 25 crore students are facing loss in their studies since the schools are close since mid-March. as the number of coronavirus cases is increasing day by day there is no indication of when the schools are going to reopen so teaching and learning have been started via distance education such as online classes, WhatsApp messages, and television and radio programs.