Higher education in India has around 30 million youths on campus, and if the University Grants Commission (UGC) is to be believed, it is expected to grow to 45 million by 2022, which seems highly probable. Ironically though, even with such a humongous number of students spread across more than 700 recognized universities and thousands of more independent institutes, we still don’t have a media platform dedicated for higher education.

An ecosystem of 30 million learners and more than 2 million academic and non-academic workers at various levels surely does need reporting, documenting, polemics, debates, role-modelling, etc. Educational items do appear in footnotes or in sidelines in the mainstream Indian media. However, there is not a single dedicated media platform in all the formats (online, offline, on-air, hand-held and on-ground) to cater to this 32 plus million people in a sector that contributes Re.1 for every Rs.5 or more in the economy.

edInbox.com aims to be this very integrated media platform. As a portal, it will engage the learners and academicians, policymakers and educational entrepreneurs. The content will be utilitarian for the education of the youth populace and informative on trends, news and views for all. It will allow learners to know about the educational institutes of their use and also rate and rank any institute, as is done by thousands even now.

As a monthly magazine, it will talk to the educational entrepreneurs apart from policymakers and academicians, and all brands that address them. It will document the best academic practices. It will also have some content for the more evolved learners and especially those who want to be in research and teaching professions.

As a YouTube channel, it will bring informative and inspirational videos for the young generation at large in India between the age of fifteen (15) and twenty-five (25) years, who constitute roughly twenty-seven (27) percent of the Indian population, that is, more than one out of four Indians. The online video and audio (podcast) content will be of young role models, great institutes, futuristic courses, rewarding careers, educational values, youth innovations and inspirational ideas.

On the social media platforms of edInbox.com, our attempt shall be to engage a larger number of youths of the mentioned age bracket so that they get to interact, express and connect with educational institutes, with us at edInbox and amongst themselves.

An access to and the quality of higher education are two important concerns today. Along with that are the utilitarian hands-on aspects and skills of what youths are learning so that they can be used for gainful employment or entrepreneurship. edInbox.com shall strive to support these values through raising pertinent questions, supporting innovations and honest initiatives, debating on policies, advocating new measures, calling for transparency in educational governance, celebrating diversity on campuses, upholding inspirational positive leaderships on campuses, reflecting events and conferences on campuses, calling the bluff of educational corruption, and allowing diverse even conflicting opinions to co-exist for the readers, listeners, viewers and participants of this media platform to decide for themselves.

We begin the journey with a felt need and a great hope and we can reach the destination only with all the stakeholders and most importantly the audiences i.e. YOU.